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Call of Gods - Orange Hero Wiki Guide
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Orange Hero
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Orange Hero - Call of Gods

Call of Gods Orange Hero
Each of the hero in Call of Gods can be further classified according to their color, which is further determined by their colors. If you are familiar with the color ranking system in Call of Gods, you will realize that the heroes potential is ranked according to the following ascending orders, of the first being the weakest, and the last being the most powerful equipped with highest growing rate and potential:

White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange

One of the important implications of getting Orange Hero in Call of Gods is that only Orange Heroes would be able to learn the most valuable in Tier 5 skills, and the rest of the White Heroes, Green Heroes, Blue Heroes, Purple heroes can only attain the lower Tier of 1-4.

There are several Call of Gods Cheats, hacks and guide that would help player to get higher color of heroes instead of the lower color, which will effectively save your time and boost your heroes winning chance in each of the Dungeon in Call of Gods, and speed up the leveling up process of your heroes. By obtaining the Orange Hero player would be promised the highest potential of the heroes, which granted the heroes highest experience points earned with each battle won compared to other color of heroes. To find out more information on how to get the Orange Hero in Call of Gods, kindly check out the wiki session of Call of Gods cheats hacks session.

Orange Hero Tips & Walkthrough Review:

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