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Crystal Saga - Indigo Blight Wiki Guide
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Indigo Blight
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Indigo Blight - Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga Indigo Blight is the first dungeon for you to adventure together with your friends. You can enter the Indigo Blight Dungeon if your character reaches level 25.

To enter into the Indigo Blight dungeon in Crystal Saga, just talk to Monikov or by opening the events menu and just click on the Monikov name, and the system will walk your character to the Monikov NPC and Monikov will enable you to enter the dungeon.

There are lots of powerful monsters for you to fight in Indigo Blight, with many interesting loots and rewards for you to get as well. You can also party up with your friends to fight against the final Devourzak boss in Indigo Blight.

You will get many unique items and rewards if you manage to defeat the final boss in Indigo Blight, which is the Devourzak boss.

Tips: You can only enter Crystal Saga Indigo Bligh dungeon 5 times per day. You can get extra entrance if you become a VIP member of Crystal Saga Origins game.

Indigo Blight Tips & Walkthrough Review:

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