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Crystal Saga - Mounts / Mount List Wiki Guide
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Mounts / Mount List
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Mounts / Mount List - Crystal Saga

There are total 3 different types of mounts available in Crystal Saga, which are solo mounts, battle mounts and 2 players mounts.

- Solo mount is the most common and general mount where you can travel faster while riding on this mount. While in battle or combat, you cannot ride your solo mount.

- Battle mount is almost the same as Solo mount except that you can ride your battle mount while you are in battle, and the battle mount will assist you too in the battle combat.

- Two players mount is the only type of mount in Crystal Saga which can be ridden by 2 players at the same time.

Here is a full list of mounts you can get in Crystal Saga.

Baby Turtle mount:
Baby Turtle is a solo mount with movement speed 200. You can get Baby Turtle mount for free at level 15 by just following the main quest line and complete it. Baby Turtle is a non-battle mount.

Black Panther mount:
Black Panther is a solo mount with movement speed 210. You can get Black Panther mount by upgrading the Baby Turtle mount. Black Panther is a non-battle mount.

Rabid Raccoon mount:
Rabid Raccoon is a solo mount where you can get it for free at level 30 by following the main quests line and complete it. Rabid Raccoon mount is a non-battle mount.

Mystical Scorpion mount:
Mystical Scorpion is a Battle mount with movement speed 220. You can get your own Mystical Scorpion mount by combining Rabid Raccoon with Black Panther.

Battle Stallion mount:
Battle Stallion is a battle mount with movement speed 220. You can get a Battle Stallion mount at level 43 by following and completing the main quests line. You can also get your Battle Stallion mount in the misc items vendor located in the Bloodfang Village in Crystal Saga.

Battle Bear mount:
Battle Bear is a battle mount with movement speed 220. It is a higher quality mount compared to other mounts. You can get Battle Bear mount by combining Mystical Scorpion and Battle Stallion.

Genbu mount:
Genbu mount is a two person mount where you can obtain by using 10 Therion Tokens.

White Tiger mount:
White Tiger mount is a two person mount where you can obtain by using 50 Therion Tokens to upgrade Genbu.

Seiryu mount:
Seiryu mount is a two person mount where you can obtain by using 100 Therion Tokens to upgrade White Tiger.

Great Phoenix mount:
Great Phoenix mount is a two person mount where you can obtain by using 200 Therion Tokens to upgrade Seiryu.

Gorilla Titan mount:

How to upgrade mounts in Crystal Saga?
- You can use a certain amount of Mount Upgrade Tokens to upgrade your mount where you only have a certain chance to success in your upgrading attempt. Each of the attempt of upgrading your mount may cost you up to 75 crystals.

How to level up mounts in Crystal Saga?
- You can level up your mounts by feeding them with the Purified Crystal in Crystal Saga. Each upgrade will give your mount a better status points but each subsequent upgrade of your same mount will cost you more and more crystals.

What is the functions of mounts in Crystal Saga?
- One of the benefits of riding a mount in Crystal Saga is that it will increase your movement speed so you can travel from one place to another place faster. Besides, certain mounts can also increase your character health, attack, defense as well as assist you with healing ability where all these buffs are determined by the aptitudes of the mount.

Get your own mount now in Crystal Saga as it's one of the best features you can get in Crystal Saga origins game online.

Mounts / Mount List Tips & Walkthrough Review:

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