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Dragon Nest - Classes Guide Wiki Guide
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Classes Guide
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Classes Guide - Dragon Nest

Choose your character and class

When you first start the game, you need to make a fairly pivotal decision that will determine your fate throughout your game. The character that you pick determines your overall game play, including the story that you may encounter and the class of character you can get, including the skills and abilities. What is more, when you eventually level up to 15, it is the time to choose a specialization and each class has 2 specific sub-classes for you to choose on: e.g. Swordsman/ Mercenary. This time onward, you will master a specific aspect of the main class and improve on it. You cannot change your mind after you opted your dream hero so, think twice before choosing.

  • 1. Warrior Class

  • Gender: Male

    Melee character that is skilled in closed range combat. He is also an agile character that can make swift moves to perform melee combos

    The warrior’s origin is from Ironwood Forest. He is a young little kid but do not underestimate his strength and agility in battles. The legend begins with him brought to the town as an infant by his mother mysteriously. Therefore, he embarks on his journey to unravel his own truthful blood lineage.

    Primary attributes:
    - The Warrior has powerful physical attack and damage
    - The Warrior can dash around for swift move to dodge enemy attack
    - The Warrior can perform quick and also furious combos.

    Primary weapon:
    - Greatswords have agile swing speed, sweeping across wide area to deal damage to massive foes.
    - Axes have moderate swing speed. If you keep hitting, the third and final attack comes with spinning to damage multiple foes. Compared to hammers, axes inflict a stable amount of damage and occasionally perform critical attack at a higher frequency.
    - Hammers have slow swing speed. If you keep hitting, the third swing launch target to the air and its fourth and final swing slams the ground to deals area damage and also knocks back the foes. Compared to axes, hammers have higher stun rate but deal unstable damage to foes.

    Secondary weapon: Gauntlet

    - Swordsman
    If you are the blood-seeking kind that loves high damage and swift attacks, pick Swordsman. Swordsman has a few fastest moves in game and long chain of combos. The Physical tree in used on one-on-one matches and explosive damage, and the magical tree is used on damaging multiple foes with stable damage. He is skillful in evading attacks to counter them back. He has the second fastest attack speed which can opt to use either melee or ranged attack.

    Primary Weapon(s): Greatswords
    Secondary Weapon(s): Gauntlet

    Gladiator: expert in close fight and good in cancelling moves
    Lunar Knight: expert in mastering inner energy, a Marauder fortifies its wave attacks, to obtain myriad ranged skills without sacrificing Swordsman's physical abilities.

    - Mercenary
    If you like heavy and massive damage, pick mercenary. Mercenary use heavy but slow blows. It deals wide attacks with large area of effect but the damage inflicted is lesser. This drawback is compensated by his super think armor to cover your friends by taking the entire lethal blow. Even though he is slow, he has a high possibility to perform skill-clash, which is to interrupt others skill by hitting without worrying about others interrupting his. He also has high resistance against knock-backs while using skills.

    Primary Weapon(s): Axe, Hammer
    Secondary Weapon(s): Gauntlet

    Barbarian: improves on damage output.
    Destroyer: tear his enemies and renders them helpless.

    2. Archer Class

    Gender: Female

    Archer, as the name indicates, is effective to harass a long-ranged target. With a bow in hands, she can shoot arrows to deal lethal damage on enemies and in the same time avoids getting damage from melee heroes. Keep a distance to gain most out of your advantage.

    The archer is Willowy and flexible just like her weapon- the bow. She is an elf of Arendel and lives together with her beloved nature. Like what a typical elf may look like, she has her charming little pointed and vaunted elven ears. Her destiny lies on her quest to locate Telezia. To fulfill her own destiny, she leaves her home, wishing that one day, she could return with honor to transform into her 2nd life becoming a fascinating tree when she dies. Yet, she has to bear the cost that if she fails, she will disappear into thin air as a pitiful mount of dust.

    Primary attributes:
    - The Archer has long distance attacks
    - The Archer is very swift
    - The Archer can perform basic attack while moving around
    - The Archer has low defense but has myriad evasion skills to dodge attacks

    Primary weapon:
    - Shortbows enable constant and steady firing frequency but the range is the shortest. However, the damage is the most stable of all.
    - Longbows, on the contrary, have the longest distance to inflict damage but the firing frequency is the slowest. The third shot of the series of actions is special. It is a piercing attack that can cut through armor. The damage is the least stable but the possibility of inflicting critical damage is elevated. Hence, the overall attack power is stronger compared to Shortbows.
    - Crossbows is the intermediate of the previous two weapons. It is medium-ranged weapon with 3 quick shots at a time. Nevertheless, reloading time is required between attacks to reset the combo hit counter. It has the lowest possibility of doing critical hit but has a higher magical attack compared to Longbows.

    Secondary weapon: Quivers


    - Acrobat
    If you like speed and agility to engage in frenzy warfare, pick Acrobats. Acrobat’s defense as an archer is still weak but she can move very quickly in the game and learn plenty of escaping moves to appear in front of enemies in close range for a second to deal lethal damage and vanish before the enemies know what actually strikes them. Acrobat sacrifices few of her most damaging bow skills to acquire an annihilating arsenal of lightning fast kicks and strikes. Her combos are chained to knock the enemies into the air, bombarding them with fast attack moves. The variety of sets of moves can be chained in many ways, making her unpredictable. Furthermore, she can disrupt opponents’ skills.

    Primary Weapon(s): Shortbow
    Secondary weapon: Quivers

    Tempest: specializes in confronting a single target.
    Windwalker: boosts on mobility and AoE damage.

    - Sharpshooter
    If you like to snipe targets in the sly and dislike brutal close range killing, pick Sharpshooter. Sacrificing her acrobatic skills and melee attacks, she focus on her use of her bow professionally. She has the longest distance in shooting attack and excel in piercing AoE damage. She also has the top DPS on a single large enemy. You can hide in the dark afar and slay the enemies in a blink of an eye, but you are a weakling in close range battles with little escape mechanisms.

    Primary Weapon(s): Longbow, Crossbow
    Secondary weapon(s): Quiver

    Artillery: Specialize in the art of magic, capable of dealing very high damage to enemies but very hard to master
    Sniper: Specialize in shooting powerful arrows, shoot targets from afar with lethal long range arrow attacks, but attack rate is slow. Excel in inflicting maximum damage and avoid getting hurt.

  • 3. Cleric Class

  • Gender: Male

    The main charisma as a cleric is to play as a support. He can both heal and buff other friendly players to boost the team capabilities and survival. What is more, Cleric is tough and highly armored. His strong defense is a compensate of his lack of power.

    Born from a tough environment, the Cleric is trained to be strong minded. His childhood is a tragic and lonely with his cold and untrue father and vicious stepmother. Due to this, he becomes bitter and furious. The Cleric believes that good can only be born out of bloodshed. It is the goddess’ decree to eradicate the evil and the Cleric follows without any doubts. In service of the good, he understands that he must possess a Holy mind as well as body.

    Primary attributes:
    - The Cleric has high defense
    - The Cleric has the ability to heal and buff teammates.
    - The Cleric can distract enemies to let teammates concentrate on clearing out dungeons

    Primary weapon:
    - Maces are short distance weapons but have a very swift swing speed. They can inflict higher stun rate but the damage is less stable.
    - Flails are long distance weapons and wide sweeping swing that damages a larger area but the overall attack speed is slower. They have higher possibility of inflicting critical damage and the damage is more stable.
    - Wands are short distance weapons and are capable of firing three continuous magical bolt of lightning in the fourth swing.

    Secondary weapon:
    - Shields provide extra defense and magical defense.


    - Paladin
    If you like to be the last man standing, pick Paladin. Paladin has high health points and the sub-class with most buffs and passives. He has many defensive skills. He can also provoke monsters. Therefore, he is excellent in taunting and distracting large group of mobs. This may prove useful for other stringer teammates to deal with the ultimate bosses. Paladin is no match to such creatures since his attack damage is just moderate and his mana is limited compared to other classes. He need to conserve it for crucial moment.

    Primary Weapon(s): Maces, Flails
    Secondary weapon: Sheilds

    Crusader: excel in magical damage, with better damage output and more AoE.
    Guardian: further boosts his defensive abilities, making him the ultimate tanker to take all the damage from the enemies.

    - Priest
    If you like healing and save yours or your teammates ass at dire pinch moment, pick priest. Unlike Paladin with limited mana pool, the Priest has plenty of mana to spam the spells as he likes. As such, the Priest is the main support in engaging pivotal battles. He serves as secondary damage dealer. He can summon relics to recover allies or damage enemies. Their powerful magical attack, which is light-based, usually inflicts damage to multiple enemies and causes paralysis to opponents.

    Primary Weapon(s): Wands
    Secondary weapon(s): Shields

    Inquisitor: Focuses on his lightning-based attacks, attacks with more ferocious power.
    Saint: Focuses on supporting and recovering teammates, improves on relic usage.

  • 4. Sorceress Class

  • Gender: Female

    Opposite of the Priest whose role is to heal and buff teammates, the Sorceress’s role is to cast magical damage onto enemies. Her attack is medium-distanced but not as pain as the arrows from the Archer. Her strength is to inflict myriad status ailments onto enemies. She can freeze, set flame, poison and other status to the enemies. Most of them are for long term effects but not for instant kill. She can also carry off-hand items to inflict a wide variety of secondary effects.

    The Sorceress is the sexiest icon in this game. She masters all sorts of witchcraft which is useful in battles. She has high intelligence and once had a good potential to be the greatest of her kind but she turned down the offer but gets addicted to gambling instead. Now, she has to pay through her nose to pay off for her ‘pastime’ by gathering gold from slaughtering monsters.

    Primary attributes:
    - The Sorceress has medium distance magical attacks
    - The Sorceress can deal status and DPS by freezing, poisoning and burning enemies.
    - The Sorceress can protect teammates by pushing monsters away.
    - The Sorceress can inflict myriad status ailments.
    -The Sorceress can perform basic attacks while moving around.

    Primary weapon:
    - Staffs are regarded as an auxiliary weapon and carries traits of an auxiliary weapon.
    Secondary weapon:
    - Grimoires provide Mana Regeneration. The Sorceress attack moves are smacking the enemies with the Grimoires.
    - Orbs rotate around the Sorceress and damage enemies that come in contact with. Orbs gives additional critical rate.
    - Puppets elevate maximum Mana of the Sorceress. The Sorceress attack moves are summoning the ghouls that stay within the Puppets.


    - Elementalists
    If you like marvelous damage regardless of your survivability, pick Elementalist. The Elementalist is the queen of elemental magic. She utilizes the crowd-control abilities of the Sorceress by a factor of 10. She masters fire and ice elemental magic. She can cast freeze by creating a wall of ice. She can cast fire by creating flaming explosions or plame trails. She can also cast poison by creating poison pits as traps. The Elementalist has many status ailments that come with her elemental attacks. Nonetheless, one prevalent drawback is that she cannot move while casting spells, which render her to hazardous situations. What is more, she has a very low health. Hence, it is important for others to support and heal her while she deal stunning damage to the enemies in a massive area.

    Primary Weapon(s): Staves
    Secondary weapon: Grimoires

    Pyromancer: master of Fire magic.
    Ice Witch: master of Ice magic.

    - Mystic
    If you like to have a balanced attributes to gain an upper hand and security in battles, pick Mystic. The Mystic has high survivability in combats. She is not just a castor of status ailments. She can draw the force of creation itself, e.g. gravity and black holes, for crowd control. She can perform fairly powerful blast attacks.

    Primary Weapon(s): Staves
    Secondary weapon(s): Grimoires, Orbs, Puppets

    War Mage: Master in laser moves and pure damage output.
    Chaos Mage: Master in gravity moves, has more control and de-buffing capabilities.

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