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Dragon Nest - How to get Crude Onyx Wiki Guide
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How to get Crude Onyx
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How to get Crude Onyx - Dragon Nest

Crude Onyx

Crude onyx is one item under onyx class. Onyx is one of the many lustres. It is used to boost equipments under normal, magic and rare rarity. They are used in creating stat crests as well. Some examples are Onyx Fragment, Average Onyx, Quality Onyx, and Superb Onyx. They are the core of any living creatures. Some of them are utilized to craft equipments. They have special abilities unraveled.

Crude Onyx cannot be enhanced or extracted. It is a ravishing gem with soft green color, used to boost normal, magic and rare equipments. It can be crafted and can be found in dungeons too.

Why is it so popular? Well, some players sell it for good money. It can ensure consistent supply of cash but the way of earning it is repetitive and a bit tedious.

Level: 1
Stack: Up to 20
Cost: 25
Selling Price: 25
Crafting Materials: 3 x Onyx Fragment, 1 x Small Octagonal Water
Place to find: Level 16+ dungeons (e.g. Astral Coven or Sanctuary Nexus)
*Octagonal Water can be obtained by accomplishing daily and weekly achievement

How to get Crude Onyx Tips & Walkthrough Review:

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