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Dragon Nest - How to get Wings Wiki Guide
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How to get Wings
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How to get Wings - Dragon Nest


Wing is part of the character’s costume. It is under accessories in the armor. Armor is another category apart from weapons and it consists of Headgear, Body Armor, Leg Armor, Gloves, Shoes and Accessories. Apart from wings, there are other accessories as well: Ring, Earrings, Tail, Necklace, and Decal. There are a lot of wings to collect: GACKT Wing, KOKIA Wing, Blue Strange Wing, White Cupid Wings, Blue Cupid Wings, Fallen Lucifer Wings, Loyal Dragon Wings, Small Blue Devil Wings and many more. Wings can enhance stat especially movement speed.

You can get the wings by playing at least three dungeons a day and train your character to get to level 24.

How to get Wings Tips & Walkthrough Review:

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