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Granado Espada - Raid / Bosses List Wiki Guide
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Raid / Bosses List
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Raid / Bosses List - Granado Espada

There are many raids specially designed for players to fight against bosses in Granado Espada online game. Here is a full list of raids where you to participate as well as all the bosses guide or list available as the raid boss.

Bounty Hunter Guild:
Bounty Hunter Guild is located in Auch, Coimbra and Reboldoeux in Granado Espada. There will be lots of great rewards and treasures awaiting you in the Bounty Hunter Guild, where you can obtain tokens where the tokens obtained from the Bounty Hunter Guild can be exchange for various unique items from the Bounty Hunter Merchants. If you successfully defeat the final boss in Bounty Hunter Mission, you and all the families will have chance to get own chests with great random items inside.

The minimum level requirement to enter Bounty Hunter Guild and participate in the mission is level 40. You must also have a certain amount of Family Reputation as well as having Vis Item which you can get that from Item Dealer Merchants in order to enter into the Bounty Hunter Guild.

Tips: You can do it again by resetting the upper levels.

Arsene Secret Vault - The Masquerade Raid Missions:
Where is Arsene Secret Vault and how to enter Arsene Secret Vault? The Arsene Secret Vault is located at the Cite de Reboldoeux where you can enter into the Arsene Secret Vault to begin the Masquerade Raid missions by talking to the Secret Basement Warehouse Guard.

To successfully enter and start the mission in Arsene Secret Vault, there must be two to eight families participate. Besides, Among these participants or families, there must be at least one family with Hellena in order to start the mission in Arsene Secret Vault.

There are many mini bosses for you to fight in Arsene Secret Vault too. For the mission in the raid of Arsene Secret Vault, everyone must protect Hellena as her death will result in mission failure, where no resurrection is available for Hellena.

Tips: You can bring more than one Hellena to start the raid mission in Arsene Secret Vault, but it's better to have only one Hellena as it is easier to protect one Hellena than multiple Hellena. Note: Any of the Hellena death will result in mission failure for the raids in Arsene Secret Vault.

Instanced Mission Raids:
Instanced Mission Raids is one of the best special features provided by Granado Espada to all the raids lovers. If you are not the strongest faction or team in Granado Espada, you will no longer have to worry of missing the chance to fight against bosses in raids. All the bosses in Instanced Mission Raids are the exact carbon copy of the original bosses, where there will be no intruders while you can your friends are fighting against the bosses in Instanced Mission Raids.

Pioneers in Granado Espada can now participate in many raids for the carbon copy bosses in Instanced Mission Raids as well as the real version. To open the Mission Gate in Instance Mission Raids, you will have to have "A" items requirements, as well as "B" items requirements to enter the Mission Lobby. Every bosses in the raids require different A and B items requirements and drop various different treasures, rewards, equipments, weapons, and armors.

The bosses available include Griffon located at Vegas Javier D6 click on the Pioneer Warning, Uraeas located at Bahama Underground Cave 1st Floor I9, from Swamp of Peril, Vergo located at Porto Bello's Desolate Cliff I4, Lavaleaf located at Topolo Durga D5, and Rafflesia located at Ustiur, Zona Uno G6. Entrance to Rafflesia.

Tips: Instance Mission Raids can be done one time per day, with more than one family is able to participate in each of the raids.

Byron Blood Fog Forest:
In Bryon Blood Fog Forest, your mission is to assist ancient knight to kill all the Blood Sabre summoned by various King type monsters like King Reaper Garas, King Gluttony, and King Scissors Garas.

You can enter Bryon Blood Fog Forest only one time per day, with no minimum families limit, but maximum 12 families for each of the lobby.

If you successfully defeat all the kings and bosses in Bryon Blood Fog, you will be rewarded with various items such as Le Noir Recipes along with Ogre or Werewolf Weapons, Dragon Heart Recipies as well as Great Jewels.

Mission Lobbies:
Mission Lobbies include Spotlight, Trinity, Interchange, and Highway where you can complete the mission level 1, level 2, and level 3 by collecting specific items dropped randomly by monsters and bosses throughout the New World in Granado Espada.

For level 4 Mission Lobby, you can just use 1000 family reputation in Bahia through a NPC. The missions include protecting or destroying towers, which can be done solo or with a team. There are many mini bosses like Cockatrices, Polluxes, and Castors where you can fight in the Mission Lobbies. Lots of great rewards and items awaiting you if you manage to defeat all the bosses and complete the mission in Mission Lobbies.

Here is a full list of bosses available for you to fight against together with your friends and team in Granado Espada online game.

Sheol Boss:
You can find and fight against Sheol boss at Los Toldos located in the Deadlands. Defeating Sheol boss will give you many rewards such as Greek Croma Recipes, great armors and weapons.

Tips: The horde / underlings of Sheol boss is very powerful where cooperation is needed to defeat Sheol boss.

Sekhmet Boss:
You can find and fight against Sekhmet in the Island of Fire. Before going and approaching the Tombstone of Ferruccio in the Depths of the Crater located at the Island of Fire, you will have to gather Darkness, Lightning, Ice and Fire Insignia from the 4 Celberos surrounding the Island of Fire.

To gain access to the ruthless Lava Queen within, you will have to have some luck in the higher and lower game. Tips: Sekhmet is good in AOE attack, with lots of mobs together with him.

Mufasa Boss:
To find and fight against Mufasa boss, you will have to fight with Necro Shaman. Then, choose the correct warpgate to enter into the Mufasa General's Room (F/G5) and start fighting against Mufasa boss.

Tips: Mufasa is good in AOE attacks and also in debuffing skills where Mufasa boss is able to lock your skill, and also uses Armor Crasher to break the tanker's armor completely.

Necroshaman Boss:
You can find and fight against Necroshaman boss in the Occulta Fortress, which is located deep inside of the Meridian or Twilight of Zeia of Sundial.

Tips: There are many traps surrounding the Necroshaman boss where it's best to have an Expert level Nar to counter against and to disable all the traps. Also, Necroshaman boss is surrounded with many Assaulters as well as Kobold Elders.

Novia Boss:
You can find and fight against Novia Boss inside the Ice Wizard's Tower. Before that, you will have to collect Black Magic Stones to open the gates in order to proceed to the higher level in the tower.

Tips: Novia Boss has two strong Griffons Pets to protect her. The carrier of Black Magic Stones will be having a complete debilitating debuff which makes the carrier extremely weak.

Brain of Argus Boss:
You can find and fight against Brain of Argus Boss by going into the final zone of Cabeza de Bahia, in the end of Interna de Bahia. Brain of Argus Boss is guarded by his own physical body as well as lots of Bribantra.

Tips: Brain of Argus Boss can summon more Bribantra as well as Argus to fight against any pioneers. Be careful for the beams of light, and be sure to take Amethyst Pieces in order to use the warp gates before trying to fight against the Brain of Argus Boss.

Einwind Boss:
You can find and fight against Einwind Boss by defeating all the Einapt Chieftain in order to gain access to Silent Maze Sanctuary, where Einwind boss can be found together with lots of Lightning element monsters. Before that, you will have to navigate both floors in Silent Maze by going to the Gate of Lightning Raid located at Rio Albi, E7.

Tips: Master your spell or magic elemental strength as well as weakness in order to fight against with all the powerful hordes of monsters in the Silent Maze.

Holy Water Chamber Raid Boss:
There are 2 bosses in Holy Water Chamber, who are Jurgen Furholden and Ortega Furholden. To find and fight against the two bosses in Holy Water Chamber, you will first have to have your keys crafted by Key Crafter Etorven located at the Ustiur Base camp. Go to the Al Quelt Moreza, Nartex, and solve the beams of light puzzles before you encounter Demonic Jurgen Furholden and Demonic Ortega Furholden bosses. You and your team will be getting lots of rewards and unique items if you can successfully beat down and defeat the 2 strong bosses in Holy Water Chamber Raid.

Tips: Holy Water Chamber Raid is one of the most difficult Raid, where cooperation is definitely needed. To win and successfully defeat the bosses in Holy Water Chamber Raid, you and your team will have to prepare lots of Furholden Shield Potion crafted by Lorch, high quality Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, and Moonstones. Also, bring more families and characters with Spellbreak Rhythm, Dispel Magic and Whole Cancellation magic.

Undertaker Boss:
You can find and fight against Undertaker boss by deep in Reboldoeux Culverts. Undertaker Boss is good in Bombardment AOE as well as massive Shell Fire.

Tips: Undertaker boss is a fairly simple boss to fight against. Defeating Undertaker boss and you will gain access to Zeia.

Griffon Boss:
You can find and fight against Griffon boss by going to Vegas Javier, and locate the eggs of Griffon Boss, which is at a random location in Vegas Javier.

Tips: Griffon Boss is good in debilitating attacks and massive area of effect attacks. Griffon Boss will appear once you've break the egg.

Uraeas Boss:
You can find and fight against Uraeas Boss by going deep inside the Bahama's Underground Caves. Before that, you will have to kill the King of Greed in the Bahama Underground Cave on one of the side, and then rush to the other side / opposite location to gain access to 2nd floor of I9, Swap of Peril-side Bahama Underground Cave.

Tips: Uraeas Boss will submerge 4 times in total, where you will have to destroy the eggs for multiple times and fight against the little Uraeas Minions. Upon defeating Uraeas boss, you can get the greedy serpents treasure trove.

Lavaleaf Boss:
You can find and fight against Lavaleaf Boss in Gate of Flame, located at Topolo Durga, D5. Activate the Towers of Summon in the Whirlpool of Flame to encounter Lavaleaf boss.

Tips: Old Journal Quest will reward every familiy 1 lighting orb and 10 fire orbs. However, 11 fire orbs are needed to fight against the Lavaleaf Boss and to complete the Gate of Fire raid. You will have to team up with other families in order to do so.

Hellbreaker Boss:
You can find and fight against Hellbreaker Boss in the deepest level of Capybara. Before that, you will have to find enough keys by fighting Golden Bats in the Capybara Plantation.

Tips: You will need a total of 12 keys in order to summon Hellbreaker in Toubkal Mine. Defeating Hellbreaker boss will give you Old Journal 10 and Mysterious Steel Piece. Old Journal will be used in other raids and quests while Mysterious Steel Piece is an important item in crafting lots of items.

Rafflesia Queen Eater Boss:
You can find and fight against Queen Eater boss by going to the Rafflesia entrance located at Ustiur, Zona Uno G6. Before that, you will have to get one of each color of the multi colored leaves which can be obtained by fighting the monsters you find in Zona Uno.

Tips: This raid is divided into many stages, where you will have to keep on fighting before get a chance to expose the Queen Eater's Eggs. You must have the Petal buff in order to win against Queen Eater Boss.

Vergo the Cursed Boss:
To find and fight against Vergo the Cursed Boss in Granado Espada, you will have to break the tombstone located at I4 in order to encounter the boss. To break the tombstone, you will have to get a Silver Hammer from the Bell Boy located at the Porto Bello, Desolate Cliff.

Tips: Just ignore the Vergo The Cursed boss minions, and straight away kill the boss directly.

Diablo Boss:
You can find and fight against Diablo boss by going to Pradera de Ceniza located at E2. Just throw the Mega Talts into the Daemon's Well to summon Diablo boss.

Tips: Diablo boss raid is one of the easiest and earliest large scaled Raid and mission where you can enjoy fighting with your friends.

Corridor of Assize - Chrysalis Boss:
You can find and fight against Corridor of Assize Chrysalis Boss by talking to Gatekeeper located at Prison de Joaquin, Gehenna Bridge (F/G 10). Before that, you will have to find the key from Bellem Box randomly or from the monsters in the Prison.

Tips: Chrysalis boss located at Corridor of Assize is for Pioneers to experience the exciting of Raid in Granado Espada in the early stage.

Gerero Boss:
You can find and fight against Gerero Boss in the Prison de Joaquin, Gehenna Bridge, a supercharged Vladimir.

Tips: Gerero boss is one of the earliest raid bosses. Avoid Gerero boss Mjolnir and Stun Attack.

Raid / Bosses List Tips & Walkthrough Review:

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