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Buddy Rush - Choppin Wiki Guide
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Choppin - Buddy Rush


Choppin is a kid who likes Chopin and Shopping.

Level 80 Choppin Base Stats:
Att (Attack): -
Def (Defense): -
HP (Health): -
MP (Mana): -

Choppin Active Skills:
Rush & Crash Skill:
- Easy skill (improve defense for a short 5 seconds duration)
- Damage from skill increases 5%, defense increases 5% for each level.

Rampaging Attack Skill:
- Choppin frenzy attack for a duration of 7 sec with 20% attack.
- Damage dealt from skill +3, range increases 2% for each level.

Infinite Chopping Skill:
- The ultimate chopping with highest accuracy.
- Damage of skill increases 2%, waves created increases in numbers for each level.

Choppin Passive Skill:
Chopping Defense Skill:
- Overall defense as well as Rush & Crash defense increases.
- defense increases by 1% per level.

Harder Stronger Skill:
- Attack power and skill power are increased.
- Attack power increased by 0.5, skill power increased by 1% per level.

Weight Training Skill:
- Increases maximum health as well as chance of getting attacked.
- Maximum health increased by 0.5%, chances of getting attacked (Aggro) increases by 0.5% for each level.

InnerPeace Skill:
- All team members will have an increase in attacks and increased in defense.
- Attack increases +0.1%, defense increases +0.2% for each level.

Choppin Tips & Walkthrough Review:

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