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Moshi Monsters - Scamp Wiki Guide
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Scamp - Moshi Monsters

Scamp is a small orange puppy wearing frog suit belonged to Puppies set.
Number for Scamp: 084
Set: Puppies
Rarity: Ultra-rare
Scamp moshling enjoys pond life and likes fairy princesses and frogs (that's why it is pretending itself by wearing rubbery frog suit) but dislikes garlic butter especially its smell and knitting needles

The way of how to get moshling code for Scamp will be updated soon.
Combination: Black Snap Apple, Pink Dragon Fruit, Blue Moon Orchid

This 'froggie' like puppy is always shouting 'ribbit' as the answers to those nerd questions. They can be found at Lillypad Lake and Croak Creek where they always gather over there. To catch this moshling you have to tug on its pink bow or pop it with a sharp pin. Don't think that they are able to swim!


Scamp Tips & Walkthrough Review:

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