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Ninja Saga - Weapons / Items - How to Get Wiki Guide
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Weapons / Items - How to Get
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Weapons / Items - How to Get - Ninja Saga


You would need Magatama all the time either to upgrade and forge your weapons, acquire the skills of your pets at higher level, and many others. To get Magatama, you have to defeat the bosses from Hunting House for the dropped items. There is no way to trade Magatama in any way. You can view your total collected Magatama in the Blacksmith House.

Another way of gainning Magatama would be adding as much friends as possible and get the daily gifts from them.

Forest Badge

You can gain the Forest Badge from the bonus post by your friends.
Alternatively, to get Forest Badge by yourself, first you have to obtain Rock Badge (gainned through logging in), Spin the Roulette, defeat Shikigami Dori (where Fire Badage would also be gainned). After that, you would be able to share the bonus posts to your friends as well.

Another way would be claiming a Reward Set with the required items and materials collected.

If you wish to get the Forest Badge fast, here a hint and tip for you.
First, log in your extra fake account to create a new character. (Delete the previous one). Then, following the tutorials and completing the missions, enter the lucky roulette to roll 1x using ticket. Followingly, quit from luck roulette and another ticket with Rock Badge will be received. Just share it for your main account to get the Forest Badge.
After sharing, you may delete the character again and repeat the process to get as many Forest Badge as you wish!

Spiral Sword

To get Spiral Sword, the faster way would be asking your friends who has already gainned it to share. Otherwise, it depends on your luck from the dropped items for chance. To use Spiral Sword, you at least have to reach level 15.


To earn gold in Ninja Saga, a clever way would be completing the tutorials and completing the missions specified. It's always worth despite the gold earn may be less than your self adventure as the reward given is always greater than fighting solely.
Besides, winning a battle would grant you extra gold which amount varies depends on your opponents.
You may exchange Saga Tokens for gold with the rate approximately 1:20 whee one Saga Tokens give about 20 gold.
Daily log in to spin the wheel may get you extra gold in Ninja Saga.

Byakko Sword

To get Byakko Sword, first you have to defeat White Tiger World. It is advised you at leats have to reach level 40 before fighting with it as the boss is incredibly tough to defeat. This boss would drop items include Byakko sowrd and level 1 to 5 Magatama.


To get kotetsu, you just have to invite as many friends possible from your friends list, once after 15 people accepting your request would grant you kotetsu. The damage power of kotetsu is 83 and it is able to restore 20 HP and 20 CP after your each attack.

Weapons / Items - How to Get Tips & Walkthrough Review:

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